Advertise With Us

Melbourne Schools aims to give insights into schools around Melbourne to help parents make more informed choices about education.  

Melbourne Schools was started early 2023 and currently has the following assets:

  • Melbourne Schools Discussion Group on Facebook
    • Over 30 000+ parents interested in education in Melbourne 
    • Growing by about 500-1000 members every week
    • Strictly moderated group with no spam 
  • Melbourne Schools website 
    • 17 000+ pageviews per month and growing
    • High quality engaging articles targeted to Melbourne parents 
    • SEO optimised articles
  • Melbourne Schools EDM
    • 3000+ subscribers and growing
    • 55-70% open rate 
  • Melbourne Schools Podcast ( upcoming )

Advertising Partners

  • Advertising will only be offered to partners that have a product or service that is valuable to the audience.
  • Advertisers are encouraged to create content that is helpful to the audience, rather than pure advertising.
  • Typical interests of audience include: 
  • School selection
  • Private schools / Public schools
  • Tuition 
  • Selective schools
  • Neurodiversity 
  • Professional health services for children – OT, psychology, other therapies
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Careers counselling and more

Advertising Options And Costs

  • Melbourne Schools Discussion Group posts – $600 per 4 posts over 1 month
    • Advertise to 30 000+ Melbourne parents on Facebook
    • Post directly in the group from client account
    • We offer limited advice on how to create engaging social media posts
  • EDM to subscribers – $600 per email
    • Client to provide content and images 
    • Sent out an EDM to 3000+ subscribers
  • Sponsored article – $300 per article
    • Write an article about your school or business and publish on the Melbourne Schools site with over 10 000 visits each month
    • We can offer some limited advice on how to create SEO optimised articles 
  •  Packages – 10% off for any combination of advertising