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To choose the best school, you need to know more than just where it ranks

I’m a firm believer that there is more to choosing the best school for your child than rankings and numbers on a table.

While it’s easy to rate schools based solely on hard numbers, there’s much more to a school than ATAR scores or its rank.  Qualities that make a “good school” good, include softer, less quantifiable aspects such as culture and guiding philosophy are harder to put a number on and rank.

There’s really no way to know what the culture at a school is like other than for your child to actually attend the school.  However the second best way is to visit the school and meet the students, leaders and teachers.

Get to know schools in Melbourne before making that big decision

Through attending open days, school tours and speaking with principals, staff and students I aim to shed light on features such as the culture, underpinning philosophy, diversity, wellbeing programs and progressiveness of schools.  All articles written are based on my experience of the tour or open day only and cannot represent all experiences by all students.  However, they may give a little insight into the schools beyond what is already online.

My goal is to provide a more holistic, qualitative view of schools – more than just a ranking on a table.

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