Sponsor melbourne schools

Would you like to sponsor Melbourne Schools? We are looking for business sponsors!

Melbourne Schools was founded early 2023 with the vision of sharing knowledge and insights into schools and the education system in Melbourne.  Our platforms and community allows parents and experts to share information about schools and education. 

In a short amount of time Melbourne Schools has grown into

  • A Facebook community of over 30,000+ Melbourne parents and growing by about 1000 members every week
  • An SEO optimised website with > 17,000 pageviews per month and growing
  • A newsletter with 3000+ subscribers and growing
  • Assets coming up include a podcast and You Tube channel

Over 29 000+ highly engaged Melbourne parents on FB all focused on schooling and education.

Strictly moderated group with no spam.

Group grows by about 500-1000 members each week.

High quality articles that are highly engaging and targeted to Melbourne parents.

SEO optimised website and articles

17 000+ organic page views last month and growing.

3000+ Subscribers

Growing by 200-300 each month.

High quality articles

What We Are Looking For

  • We are on the lookout for business sponsors that share our vision for better education and information sharing about schools and education.
  • It’s imperative that the sponsor relationship is not simply a transactional, advertising relationship, but a long term partner that shares our vision and is committed to help improve education and schooling.
  • Business sponsors need to have a high quality offering that is of value to Melbourne parents
  • Businesses will need to be established and already successful to be able to help bring Melbourne Schools’ vision to life

Typical Interests Of Audience

  • Tutoring
  • School selection
  • Selective schools
  • Private schools / Public schools
  • Neurodiversity supports
  • Professional health services for children – OT, psychology, other therapies
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Careers counselling and more

What’s In It For Sponsors

Melbourne Schools aims to achieve its goals with the aid of business partnerships.

  • Sponsorship will only be offered to partners that have a product or service that is valuable to the audience
  • There will be only limited number of sponsorship positions available as I want to limit advertising ( 4-6 partners )
  • Sponsors are encouraged to create content that is helpful to the audience, rather than pure advertising
  • We can help grow your business by putting your brand front and centre of a targeted, engaged audience of Melbourne parents.
  • Ability to make full use of Melbourne Schools’ current and upcoming digital assets including:
    • Facebook community
    • Instagram page
    • SEO optimised website
    • Newsletter
    • Podcast ( coming up )
    • You Tube Channel ( coming up )
  • As a sponsor your business can:
    • Advertise and post links in the FB Group
    • Create content for www.melbourneschools.com.au which will be linked back to you and your business.
    • Articles will be shared in the group and featured on the homepage
    • Have a featured logo on the website homepage and sponsor bio linked to your website.
    • Advertising in the newsletter
    • Be a guest on the podcast
  • Exclusivity in your industry – competing businesses will not be able to be a sponsor.
  • There will be a limited number of sponsorship positions available to avoid to avoid advertisement fatigue.
  • Admin will either write articles on behalf of the business or the business can showcase their expertise with articles on melbourneschools.com.au.
  • Personal, unique promotions by admin and admin team promoting sponsors every week
  • Business and its representatives are free to promote business and services with Facebook posts including sales, events, webinars etc. ( please do not spam the group – 1-2 times per week or as reasonable )
  • Business and its representatives are free to promote your business and expertise with links and answers to questions in the group.
  • Business and its representatives are free to DM group members any time if they ask for information about your services
  • Business logo on website homepage, business bio on sponsor page of website and logo on Facebook group header
  • Sponsors mentions in monthly newsletter
  • Backlink to your business from Melbourne Schools site
  • First guests on podcast when it is launched

Sponsorship Cost

$1000 ex GST per month with 3 month commitment.