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  • Name: Wesley College (St Kilda Road Campus)
  • Sector: Private
  • Gender: Co-educational
  • Religion: Uniting Church
  • Year 12 Fee: $44,154 ( For 2024 )
  • Location: 577 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 Boon Wurrung Country
  • Phone number: +61 3 8102 6888
  • Website: https://www.wesleycollege.edu.au/

Tour Details

Tour was booked easily on Wesley’s website, they sent a couple of reminder emails in the lead up

Accessible and free parking was provided.

The tour began with a slideshow presentation by Kim Bence, Head of Campus

After the presentation families went off in groups in accordance with entry-year interest 

Two students and a Senior Staff Member guided us around various areas of the campus (not all areas were shown).

Tour ended back in the room where it began and we were offered a chance to ask follow up questions. 

Wesley College (St Kilda road campus) prahran

With the tour kicking off at 9:00 a.m., the clock was ticking to drop off our two primary-school-aged kids and rush back to Wesley College in time. Wesley’s on-site parking was a saving grace for parents like us, juggling tight schedules and occasionally running fashionably late.

My husband, our 10-year-old daughter, and I were able to park conveniently on the netball court, a simple drive-in from Moubray Street through the gate adjacent to St Kilda Road. This hassle-free option spared us the usual headache of finding metered street parking outside the campus.

As we walked from the netball courts to the main campus, several Wesley students greeted us, which was a nice touch. Wesley’s Cato room was comfortably occupied by about 100 people, including several primary school-aged children, most likely in grades 4-5. Members from the Wesley Parent Committee handed us a Wesley-branded bag that included informative brochures and a handy pad of sticky notes.

Just a small thing to note, this time they didn’t have any refreshments available, which was a bit different from our past Wesley tours where they usually had some. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. 

Once all settled we were warmly welcomed by Kim Bence, the Head of the school. She conducted an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land and then proudly declared, “We firmly believe that Wesley is the finest school in the world.

Moreover, Ms Bence took a moment to acknowledge parents for taking the time to invest in carefully considering and comparing schools—As many of you reading this post can empathise, making such a ‘big’ decision is undeniably challenging and time-consuming. She commended the parents for their commitment to finding the best ‘fit’ for their children.During Ms. Bence’s engaging talk about Wesley College, she stressed the importance of a “real learning experience,” echoing the school’s tagline.

Even though Wesley is quite large (Wesley’s reach spans three metro campuses: Elsternwick, Glen Waverley with LiR (Learning in Residence) program, and St Kilda Road encompassing Junior, Middle, and Senior levels. They also own and operate three outdoor education sites: Chum Creek, Lochend, and Mallana.

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Despite Wesley’s impressive size, Ms. Bence assured us that they work hard to maintain a close-knit community feel, which they believe truly sets the school apart. Speaking of size again, Wesley’s footprint means they can offer a wide array of resources, subjects, and opportunities for students to explore and grow, which is something they actively encourage and fully support.

In fact, Kim Bence shared that Wesley’s main aim is to nurture young individuals with strong character, preparing them to smoothly transition into valuable members of society in the future. She believes that what sets the school apart is its dedication to providing “something for everyone,” allowing students to discover their passions and form connections with peers who share their interests. This nicely leads to another point of difference for Wesley – their ‘Clunes’ program:

Clunes program at Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

“Year 9 students participate in an eight-week residential learning program in the Victorian goldfields town of Clunes on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. Each term, approximately 90 students from all three campuses are immersed in this unique experience that fosters self-confidence, independence and a sense of community.”


Over the course of a term (8 weeks), students engage in their academic studies while also actively participating in community projects. Students even have the opportunity to achieve micro-credits, one example provided was a student who achieved a drone license.


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Students live in houses of 7-8 people in a program designed to teach them responsibility, particularly in the areas of household chores, sustainability, and maintaining positive relationships with their housemates and the environment. It is said that the Clunes experience is a period of personal growth, providing students with a taste of what life is like post-year 12. It is worth noting that students have the flexibility to choose the term during which they wish to partake in their Clunes journey.

During my tour, I playfully asked a young man about the lasting impact of the ‘life skills’ learned during the program (you know, like washing and tidying up). He humorously replied, “Well, for a few weeks after I got back, yeah!”

VCE and IB at Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

Another aspect of Wesley which they take immense pride in is its extensive teaching staff, a dedicated group exceeding 600 members spread across the three campuses. Wesley further distinguishes itself by offering both the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate) programs.

The IB curriculum particularly stood out during the presentation, emphasised by a quote from the school’s website, highlighting Wesley College as an authorised three-program IB World School—one of just 14 schools in Australia offering the complete IB continuum alongside the Australian curriculum.

In terms of LOTE, Wesley provides students with the option to choose one of the following three languages – Chinese, French, and Japanese (exclusive to St Kilda Road Campuses). Language studies are compulsory until the end of year 9.

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Wellbeing at Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

Well-being at Wesley College is fostered through its innovative ROAR program, established in 2022. ROAR, which stands for Respect, Opportunity, Achievement, and Resilience, was developed from the ground up using data from their students, making it a tailor-made approach rather than an off-the-shelf solution. This program is designed to be flexible and agile.


view full gallery here

Wesley College (St Kilda road campus) 2022 academic highlights

In 2022, Wesley College celebrated the following notable academic accomplishments – Five students achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 and the median IB DP ATAR was 96.25. Additionally, a significant portion of the 2022 Year 12 cohort demonstrated their capabilities, with 32.7% achieving an ATAR of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10%.

Furthermore, a substantial 61.7% achieved an ATAR of 80 or above, solidifying their position in the top 20%. These figures highlight Wesley College’s commitment to fostering the academic growth of each student. For more detailed information click here.

Sport at Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

Sport is BIG at Wesley! They offer an impressive 21 different sports spread across three seasons (Summer, Winter and Spring) and are part of the APS and AGSV.

Competitions take place at other APS/AGSV schools on Saturday mornings (with the school facilitating transportation to and from the venues) and yes participating in sports is compulsory during both summer and winter (spring is optional) for years 7 – 9. As students progress to Years 10 and 11, participation in two co-curricular activities is required, one being a summer or winter sport and the other being either another sport or an alternative co-curricular activity like music ensemble or performing arts production.

wesley-college-st-kilda-music space another view

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Maintaining an active participation ethos, all students in Years 11 and 12 are obliged to partake in at least one season of sport, either during summer or winter.  Notably, top-performing athletes in the ‘1st’ teams, such as AFL and cricket, split their training between the St Kilda Road and Glen Waverley campuses, facilitated by arranged bus transportation.

However, for students engaged in ‘high performance/specialist activities’ outside of school, exemptions from APS requirements may be possible, a matter best confirmed directly with the school. 

The actual tour of Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

Front Enterance View-wesley-college-st-kilda

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We began our tour at the senior school zone, situated near the corner of High Street and Punt Road. Our tour guides mentioned the locations of the pool and basketball court, but unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to actually see them, nor were we shown any of the senior school classrooms. It feels like this was a missed opportunity for a more comprehensive tour.

Next, we visited the school’s beautiful Chapel, which is visible from the Punt Road side. Inside, we received an interesting history lesson about the school, adding a nice touch to the tour. For those interested, Wesley College, affiliated with the Uniting Church follows a Christian ethos of fellowship, justice, and compassion. They hold Chapel sessions once a month and for significant events like Easter. The school embraces diversity of all kinds, one example is the creation of a new student-led group called ‘Jewnion‘ last year.

Inside Chapel-wesley-college-st-kilda

Moving on, we explored the Science wing, which had a futuristic ambience and fascinating displays. There are 11 well-equipped biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories, creating an excellent learning environment for students.

To the Middle School, the spaces appeared conducive to learning and seemed equipped with all the essentials of a standard school. Nothing particularly stood out to us personally.

The Library was impressive it was well stocked, had a nice- ambience, and numerous spaces for homework and study. The tour guides mentioned that Wesley provides learning support through teachers or Wesley Alumni, ensuring all students receive the assistance they need. Additionally, the library hosts various clubs, including Cheese Club, Robotics, Lego Masters, and Esports. 

Inside library a view-wesley-college-st-kilda

Wesley’s emphasis on Music and theatre became evident as we visited their Music Space. The facilities to support this focus were impressive, and we were fortunate to witness a live music class in action, led by a member of the rock band Hunters & Collectors. 

It is worth noting that Wesley’s theatre program is professionally run by the Adamson Theatre Company If you ever get a chance to attend a Wesley play, I highly recommend it! 

Getting ready for a show-wesley-college-st-kilda

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Lastly, we ventured to the Design and Visual Arts building, a charming structure located a short walk from the College. It is equipped with everything an emerging artist would need, including fully-equipped photography, 3D printing, and sculpture studios.

Other Facilities of Wesley College (St Kilda Road Campus) that were spoken about &/or referred to during our tour were the Soccer Pitch, situated on the Punt Road side, and the AFL Size Football Oval at the St Kilda Road end, although it was mentioned that the latter is currently not in the best condition. Additionally, the school provides around six Tennis Courts, located across Punt Road, with easy student access via a set of lights. The Gymnasium is currently undergoing replacement, and there is a possibility of it being transformed into a versatile multi-use area, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Additional information about Wesley College (St Kilda road campus)

As the tour came to its completion I enquired about the gender balance of the school and was informed that they strive to maintain as close to a 50/50 gender balance, with a slight leaning towards more male students. I also inquired about additional camps and tours, which they do offer however only to senior students and it’s worth keeping in mind that these opportunities come at an additional cost to the regular school fees and may vary from year to year.

Finally, because logistics is something I think about all the time, I asked our tour guides how kids get to and from school, they informed me that those who don’t catch PT, ride or get dropped off by their parents take the private school bus. Upon additional research, I discovered that Wesley provides bus services to the St Kilda Road Campus via four routes: Albert Park, Essendon, Wyndham and Yarraville. More details regarding the bus routes can be viewed here.

Wesley College Student comment 

“ Aside from the uniform, everything else is good”

Overall ‘vibe’ of Wesley College (St Kilda road campus) 

Our tour of the school left us feeling that the overall atmosphere was neither good nor bad. Personally, I found it interesting to see a number of students walking between classes with their earphones in and playing with their phones. Whether or not students should be allowed to use their phones during school hours is a topic for another article.

Unfortunately, the tour ended just before recess, so we were unable to see how the students interacted with each other. In our opinion, future tours could be improved by having smaller groups, perhaps led by students themselves. It would also be nice to see how students interact outside of the classroom.

Another oval View-wesley-college-st-kilda

Overall impression of Wesley College (St Kilda road campus) 

Wesley School is an impressive institution with a strong emphasis on music, arts, and sports. While some parts of the campus may appear slightly dated, the music space is modern and well-equipped. Situated in a convenient location, the school enjoys easy accessibility via various modes of public transport. Notably, Clunes and its extensive Alumni network, boasting over 22,000 members spread across 58 countries worldwide, add significant value to the school’s appeal.

For those seeking a Co-ed school that excels in sports, music, and academics while remaining close to the heart of the city, Wesley emerges as a compelling choice.

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