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I encourage you to personally tour the school and meet the educators and students, form your own opinion and leave a comment here.

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Tour Details

Tour was prep-12 school tour, but mainly the prep-6 areas were visited

Tour was taken on a Tuesday morning 

Tour was taken by students, with a presentation made by the principal and two students at the beginning.

1-2 students took small groups from 1-2 visitors around 

There were several teachers and admission staff available for Q&A at the end of the tour

There were no opportunities to speak with the principal

Vibe of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School: An inclusive and enriching educational environment

As I embarked on the school tour at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. This journey promised to offer an inside look into an inviting and inclusive learning atmosphere where values like bravery, vibrancy, curiosity, connectedness, and kindness are not just words but a way of life. 

The tour commenced as we were warmly greeted by the Admission Officers, the gracious hosts of the event. Soon, we found ourselves in the capable hands of two lovely grade 6 student guides who would be our companions for the day. But before we set off to explore the campus, the school’s principal graced us with a brief presentation on the school’s values and philosophy. Her words resonated with a deep commitment to empowering these young minds, nurturing their confidence in learning, leadership, creativity, and the exploration of new opportunities. 

However, it’s worth noting that the topics of ATAR and academic excellence didn’t take center stage during her speech.

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One of the first things that struck me about the school was the sense of discipline. Students were required to wear formal blazers when arriving and leaving the school premises. In addition, the library was off-limits to external tutors, although students were encouraged to meet at the Ivanhoe library across the road. Even during break times, a sense of calm and quiet prevailed, creating an environment conducive to focused learning.

I was particularly impressed by the demeanour of the students. The young girls who took us on the tour were not only confident but also extremely proud of their school. What’s noteworthy is that, despite the formal attire, they interacted and spoke with the genuine enthusiasm and authenticity characteristic of their age.

Our journey began in the morning, precisely at 9:00 AM, and would continue until 10:30 AM. 

We initially gathered in a larger group, with about 30 to 40 attendees, in the school’s theatre. Here, we had the privilege of listening to the principal’s presentation. Following this introduction, the attendees were divided into smaller groups, each assigned to one of the student guides.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School principal’s vision

The principal’s presentation left a lasting impression on me. She placed a strong emphasis on curiosity, leadership, and the importance of helping students discover their potential. The overarching message was clear: “Girls can do everything.” As if to underscore this message, two students—one from grade 6 and another from year 10—took the stage to share their personal experiences. Their heartfelt words reflected a sense of welcome and inclusion that they felt as part of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School.

The school’s values of bravery, vibrancy, curiosity, connectedness, and kindness underpin their leadership philosophy. The presentation predominantly focused on helping students uncover their potential, promoting a strength-based learning model.

Student ambassadors of Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

Now, let me tell you about the true stars of the tour—our student guides. These young ambassadors exuded confidence and were brimming with knowledge about their beloved school. It was evident that they were genuinely proud of their institution, and they made sure to show us why.

Campus and facilities at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

The school is strategically located on a bustling street in the Ivanhoe area. This convenient location allows students easy access to nearby shopping strips and other amenities. The campus is vast and includes a separate Arts Centre located across the road, offering ample parking and modern facilities.

Enrollment and religious component at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is a private institution. While enrolments for 2025 are already full, there is a waitlist with approximately 12-15 students. 

Although the school is not religious in nature, a compulsory religious subject, known as Religious and Values Education (RAVE), is part of the curriculum for students from year 7 to 11.

Academics at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 


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The school’s commitment to technology integration is impressive. Students start using tablets and laptops from early years, and by year 7, they are required to have their laptops. The curriculum stands out with a strong focus on languages, including French, Chinese, and language background. This unique aspect adds a valuable dimension to the educational journey. The school’s approach to STEM, although not prominently featured during the tour, is comprehensive and integrated throughout the curriculum.

Sports, music, and performing arts

Sport, music, and the performing arts are integral to the school’s ethos. The range of sports and modern facilities are notable. The commitment to music and performing arts is evident in the opportunities for students to participate in various ensembles and performances. Additionally, the students engage in philanthropic projects, displaying a strong sense of social responsibility.


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Inclusivity and support for neurodiverse students at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

While the tour didn’t explicitly mention LGBTQI+, the school maintains a strong support system for neurodiverse students. Differentiated learning is a fundamental element of their educational approach, ensuring that every student receives tailored support. The existence of a “Check-in Cafe” after-school program provides further evidence of the school’s commitment to accommodating the unique needs of each student.

Wellbeing and after-school care at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School 

The tour didn’t focus extensively on wellbeing; however, there was a clear emphasis on creating a sense of belonging and comfort to ensure students feel welcome and at ease. The school offers after-school care from 3-6 PM daily, reflecting its commitment to the holistic development of students.

Final words

The school tour of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School provided insights into a warm and inclusive learning environment, where the values of bravery, vibrancy, curiosity, connectedness, and kindness are emphasised. Led by enthusiastic grade 6 student guides, the tour highlighted a focus on individuality, language acquisition from an early age, and a vibrant music and performing arts program. 

While the tour did not prominently feature STEM facilities, the school integrates STEM concepts throughout the curriculum. The school maintains an Anglican context with a compulsory religious component called Religious and Values Education (RAVE), which, while present, was not a predominant focus. The school also demonstrated a commitment to supporting neurodiverse students through differentiated learning, ensuring a diverse and enriching educational experience for all.

This overall seems to be a great school that has a strong commitment to develop intrinsic motivation for their students. As a teacher working in STEM and hoping to have more women in STEM, I had expected that more STEM-related curriculums and facilities would be mentioned or shown in the tour, especially since Ivanhoe Girl’s Grammar is one of the top-performing Girl’s high schools in Victoria. I hope that in future tours, the school can show us how STEM is integrated into their students’ learning. 

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