Apply For An Article Written About Your School 

Melbourne Schools aims to give insights into schools around Melbourne to help parents make more informed choices about education.  

Melbourne Schools was started early 2023 and currently has the following assets:

  • Melbourne Schools Discussion Group on Facebook
    • Over 30 000+ parents interested in education in Melbourne 
    • Growing by about 500-1000 members every week
    • Strictly moderated group with no spam 
  • Melbourne Schools website
    • 17 000+ pageviews per month and growing
    • High quality engaging articles targeted to Melbourne parents 
    • SEO optimised articles
  • Melbourne Schools EDM
    • 3000+ subscribers and growing
    • 55-70% open rate 
  • Melbourne Schools Podcast ( upcoming )

What’s Involved?

  • Writer visits the school on a publicly available school tour ( preferable ) or open day
  • An article is written and published based on the writer’s experience of the tour
  • The article will include what the writer saw/perceived on the day and sections may include:
    • Principal’s presentation.
    • What the author perceived as the vibe and culture of the school.
    • What they perceived the school focused on.
    • Other aspects like sports, arts, facilities, camps, and anything else that was mentioned on the tour.
  • Article word count is usually between 1000-2000 words depending on the tour.
  • Article is published with SEO optimisation so it will likely eventually rank on the first page of Google for the name of the school
  • Article is circulated
    • At regular intervals in FB Group
    • Sent in a monthly newsletter

Case Study: Huntingtower School

  • The article details vibe, enrolment process, religion, and other aspects of the school as was spoken about on the tour
  • Organic search
    • The article ranks #3 for Huntingtower School in Google organic search results
    • The article ranks #2 for Huntingtower in Google organic search results
  • Social media
    • The article is regularly promoted in Melbourne Schools Discussion Group ( 30K members )
  • Newsletter
    • The article was sent out to Melbourne School EDM subscribers ( 3500 subscribers )
  • Traffic so far: Published July 31 2023 with 2546 views so far


  • School is promoted across all Melbourne School assets
    • > 30 000+ Facebook group members
    • > 3000+ newsletter subscribers
    • Melbourne Schools website > 17 000+ visits per month
  • Attract more suitable parents to attend open days and school tours.
  • The focus and leadership of the school can be highlighted and explained.
  • School is portrayed by an independent third party which can be more effective than advertising.

Note that:

  • Payment from schools is for the content and promotion. Schools cannot request for articles to be altered unless there are major factual errors.
  • Melbourne Schools does not write anything overtly negative about schools and negative comments are discouraged and deleted in the Facebook group to avoid offence, general negative culture and legal issues.

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