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I began attending Suzanne Cory High School in Year 10 and graduated as part of the Class of 2023. Suzanne Cory is a one of four selective schools in Melbourne. I initially applied to the school due to encouragement from my parents, but during my preparation I realised I wanted to study among like-minded and ambitious students.

Throughout my journey at Suzanne Cory, I found the school to be extremely supportive in developing all rounded students who excel not only academically, but also in extracurriculars. 

Following my graduation, I am undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Bond University in pursuit of becoming a doctor. As for work, I currently teach primary school students and scholarship classes as a tutor for Spectrum Tuition through which I am able to share my knowledge about entrance exams.  

Preparing for selective school 

Like most people, I started preparing for the selective school exam a year in advance. I began my exam preparation by identifying knowledge gaps through practice exams. By analysing questions I frequently got incorrect and honing in on those topics, I was able to improve over time. I highly recommend keeping a mistakes journal to track the question types you struggle with the most and keep note of the general steps to solve these questions.

Majority of my exam preparation was done through completing practice papers and analysing incorrect questions which I found to be most effective. A common mistake I believe most students make while preparing is not effectively reviewing their completed exams. Effective revision would include reattempting incorrect questions without time pressure and identifying why the mistake was made. 

I also attended a few tuition centres which I found were helpful for filling in knowledge gaps and sitting mock exams to emulate exam conditions. Sitting mock exams is also a great way to reduce anxiety on the day!

My experience at Suzanne Cory selective school 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time studying at Suzanne Cory High School. I found the school’s atmosphere to be positive and provided many opportunities for students to explore all sorts of interests. Through the school’s wide range of programs, I discovered my passion for leadership and greatly enjoyed my time as part of the Student Representative Council.

I was able to attend several leadership seminars and we also had the opportunity to collaborate with the other three selective schools in organising an inter-school program. Students were also able to start their own clubs to explore niche interests that weren’t already provided by the school. 

In addition to the wide range of opportunities provided, I found that the staff were extremely supportive and often helped students during their lunch times and after school hours. From my experience, the teachers at Suzanne Cory took the time to help each individual student and cultivated a really positive and safe learning environment. 

As for the students at Suzanne Cory, I met people of many different backgrounds with many different skills. A misconception about selective schools is that the students are largely, or only, focussed on their academics. While this may be true for some individuals, I found that the majority of students were also pursuing at least one extracurricular activity. Some of my friends dedicated their time to art and music while others enjoyed playing sports and participated at state or interstate levels. This emphasis on extracurriculars is something I believe to be unique to Suzanne Cory and is effective in reducing academic stress. 

What I liked and disliked about Suzanne Cory 

The aspects of Suzanne Cory I liked the best were the staff. They were incredibly helpful with not only teaching content, but also developing study skills. The teachers gave constant feedback which was especially useful during VCE. I also enjoyed the open classrooms of the campus which made the school feel refreshing and less restrictive. 

I didn’t necessarily like the academic competition that would occasionally exist between students and found it to be a bit draining at times, especially during Years 11 and 12. However, I think this is something that can be said about all schools. 

What surprised me about Suzanne Cory 

Something I found surprising about the school was the lack of pressure. While there were still certain expectations from students, the general school environment was not as stressful as I had anticipated due to the school’s focus on extracurricular activities. 

What parents should know before their children try out for selective school 

Before their child tries out for a selective school, I think parents should know that due to the way these schools are run, their child would be expected to take accountability for their own learning and be self-driven. This is mainly due to selective schools producing harder SACs and assessments than other schools during VCE in order to be able to rank their students. As the coursework is more challenging in the later year levels, students must have a certain level of resilience in order to excel.

However, the school does provide plenty of support in preparation for this through extra resources and student services. 

How did Suzanne Cory selective school influenced me and my future 

Due to the heavy focus on extracurricular activities, Suzanne Cory High School has helped me develop my leadership and public speaking skills which I believe will greatly support my future in medicine. The plethora of leadership opportunities and level of independence provided to students is not often seen in schools.

Suzanne Cory also greatly supported me in challenging myself and encouraged students to reach their full academic potential by cultivating healthy competition and rewarding excellence. Through this, students are able to pursue careers of their choice at their preferred university. 

Would I recommend Suzanne Cory selective school? 

Overally, I definitely would recommend selective schools for students who wish to not only excel academically, but also further develop their extracurricular skills.

In my experience, the school is academically challenging and highly supportive in assisting students to reach their goals. The staff are also constantly working to better assist the students and adjusting their teaching to align with student feedback. 

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